24 October 2008

Latest issue of The War of 1812 Magazine

Issue No.9 (May 2008) of the War of 1812 Magazine has been published online and contains some very interesting material for readers of Canadian military history of the period, including:
John R. Grodzinski, "Burlington Heights: A Photo Journal";
Donald R. Hickey, "The Top 25 Articles on the War of 1812";
Dale Pappas, "The Flag was Still There: A Brief History of the Defense of Baltimore 1814";
Scott S. Sheads, "Onward to Canada!  Captain Stephen H. Moore and the First Baltimore Volunteers, 1812-1813";
Morgan D. Shields, "'Red Sticks' and Stones May Break My Bones: The Massacre at Fort Mims";
John A. Tures, "Hell Comes to Horseshoe Bend";
as well as a couple of reviews.

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