12 October 2008

MA theses and PhD dissertations - part 25

More results from the Library and Archives Canada theses portal - MAs and PhDs with specific reference to Canadian military history (some have direct links to their PDFed versions):
Daniel Thomas Byers, "The Canadian Officers' Training Corps: Support for Military Training in the Universities of Canada, 1908-1935", MA thesis, Wilfrid Laurier University, 1993;
Daniel Thomas Byers, "Mobilizing Canada: The National Resources Mobilization Act, the Department of National Defence, and Compulsory Military Service in Canada, 1940-1945", PhD dissertation, McGill University, 2001;
Daniel Conlin, "A Private War in the Caribbean: Nova Scotia Privateering, 1793-1805", MA thesis, Saint Mary's University, 1996;
James Kirby Danglade, "John Graves Simcoe and the United States, 1775-1796: A Study in Anglo-American Frontier Diplomacy", PhD dissertation, Ball State University, 1972;
Daniel J. Glenney, "An Ethnohistory of the Grand River Iroquois and the War of 1812", MA thesis, University of Guelph, 1973;
Daniel John Grant, "T.D. Pattullo's Northern Empire: The Alaska Highway and the Proposed Annexation of the Yukon Territory, 1933-1941", MA thesis, University of Victoria, 1980;
Danielle Hards, "We are the girls behind the boys behind the guns: Military Women and the Canadian Forces", MA thesis, Carleton University, 1994;
Daniel P. Malone, "Breaking Down the Wall: Bombarding FORCE E and Naval Fire Support on JUNO Beach (France)", MA thesis, University of New Brunswick, 2005;
Daniel Marston, "Swift and Bold: The 60th Regiment and Warfare in North America, 1755-1765", MA thesis, McGill University, 1997; and
Danford William Middlemiss, "A Pattern of Co-Operation: The Case of the Canadian-American Defence Production and Development Sharing Arrangements, 1958-1963", PhD dissertation, University of Toronto, 1976.

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