27 October 2006

Peace Operations conference

Sorry for the late notice on this one. Dr. Jean Martin, one of the official historians at the Department of National Defence, has passed on some info on a conference being held at the Best Western Hotel in Montreal, Quebec, from 3 to 4 November 2006. "Lester B. Pearson's Legacy: 50 Years of Peace Operations" is being organized by the Research Network on Peace Operations with the following partners: the Department of Foreign Affairs, the Research Group on International Security, Le Centre d'études et de recherches internationales, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, the Department of National Defence, the Pearson Centre, and the Centre d'Études des politiques étrangères et de sécurité. Amongst the presentations scheduled are the following Canadian military historical items: "General Burn's Challenge: The Creation of the Suez Mission" by Jean Martin and "Pearson and Peacekeeping" by Adam Chapnick. The majority of the presentations are not limited to strictly Canadian or historical subjects.

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