31 October 2006

The Northern Mariner for January 2006

I've seen a copy of the January 2006 issue of The Northern Mariner (vol.xvi, no.1) published by the Canadian Naval Research Society. This issue contains an article by Chris Madsen (professor at the Canadian Forces College) on "Industrial Hamilton's Contribution to the Naval War". It also contains a note on the society's annual conference for 2007, to be held in Churchill, Manitoba, from 2 to 7 August with the theme of "Northern Navigation". Among the items on the preliminary program is Richard Mayne's "RCN Arctic Planning in the 1960s". For details contact Dr. William Glover at williamglover@sympatico.ca. Finally, the journal is also advertising for its 2008 conference, to be held in Quebec City from 6 to 9 August with the theme of "Four Centuries of North Atlantic Crossings / Quatre si├Ęcles de voyages transatlantiques". Paper proposals are welcomed, especially on the topics of "exploration, trade, war, ships, individuals and any other topic related to marine activity in and around Quebec and the North Atlantic over the past four centuries." Proposals should be sent to Dr. Serge Durflinger at sdurflin@uottawa.ca.

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