28 November 2006

More MA theses and PhD dissertations

Renald Fortier, Curator of Aviation History at the Canada Aviation Museum in Ottawa, kindly sent me a long list of recent Canadian military history MA theses and PhD dissertations for my ongoing list. Many thanks Renald! The material is as follows:

Begin, Maxime Steve, "Des radars et des hommes : mémoires inuit de la station Fox Main de la Dew Line (Hall Beach, Nunavut)", MA thèse, Université Laval, 2004;

Bergen, Robert W., "Balkan Rats and Balkan Bats: The Art of Managing Canada's News Media during the Kosovo Air War (Serbia)", PhD dissertation, University of Calgary, 2005;

Brandon, Laura E., "The Canadian War Museum's Art Collections as a Site of Meaning, Memory, and Identity in the Twentieth Century", PhD dissertation, Carleton University, 2002;

Christensen, Kyle D., "Out of the Sun and into the Ground: An Assessment of the Decline of the Canadian Air Force", MA thesis, Dalhousie University, 2002;

Cook, Tim, "Canadian Official Historians and the Writing of the World Wars", PhD dissertation, University of New South Wales, 2005;

Dillon, Terrence M., "The Unification of the Canadian Armed Forces: A Recipe for Disaster", PhD dissertation, Alliant International University, 2003;

Godefroy, Andrew B., "Defence and Discovery: Science, National Security, and the Origins of the Canadian Rocket and Space Program, 1945-1974", PhD dissertation, Royal Military College of Canada, 2004;

Goette, Richard E., "The Struggle for a Joint Command and Control System in the Northwest Atlantic Theatre of Operations: A Study of the RCAF and RCN Trade Defence Efforts during the Battle of the Atlantic", MA thesis, Queen's University, 2002;

Gordon, Hugh A., "The End of the Big Ship Navy: The Trudeau Government, the Defence Policy Review and the Decommissioning of the HMCS BONAVENTURE", MA thesis, University of Victoria, 2002;

Gucciardo, Dorotea, "A Force for Change? The Integration of Women in the Canadian Forces, 1970 to Present", MA thesis, University of Ottawa, 2005;

Halladay, Laurel, "Ladies and Gentlemen, Soldiers and Artists: Canadian Military Entertainers, 1939-1946", MA thesis, University of Calgary, 2000 (direct PDF link);

Heide, Rachel L., "The Politics of British Commonwealth Air Training Plan Base Selection in Western Canada", MA thesis, Carleton University, 2000 (direct PDF link);

Horn, Bernd, "Bastard Sons: An Examination of Canada's Airborne Forces, 1942-1995", PhD dissertation, Royal Military College of Canada, 2000;

Jackson, Paul, "Courting Homosexuals in the Military: The Management of Homosexuality in the Canadian Military, 1939-1945", PhD dissertation, Queen's University, 2002;

Lawrence, Keith M., "Cautious Steps: The Development and Use of Tactical Air Power by the RAF during the Second World War", MA thesis, McGill University, 2001;

Paquette, Dirk, "Organizational Change and Canada's Air Force", MA thesis, The University of Manitoba, 2001 (direct PDF link);

Plamondon, Aaron, "Casting off the Imperial Yoke: The Transition of Canadian Defence Procurement within the North Atlantic Triangle, 1907-1953", MA thesis, Royal Military College of Canada, 2001;

Pletsch, Mary C., "The Guardian Angels of this Flying Business: RCAF Ground Crew in 6 Group", MA thesis, Royal Military College of Canada, 2002;

Ruffilli, Dean C., "Operational Research and the Royal Canadian Air Force Eastern Air Command's Search for Efficiency in Airborne Anti-Submarine Warfare, 1942-1945", MA thesis, Wilfrid Laurier University, 2001 (direct PDF link);

Stone, J.C., "The Canadian Armed Forces and the Economics of Strategy", PhD dissertation, Royal Military College of Canada, 2005; and

Stouffer, R.W., "An Expression of Canadian Nationalism: The History of the No. 1 Royal Canadian Air Force Air Division and RCAF Cold War Air Power Choices, 1952-70", PhD dissertation, Royal Military College of Canada, 2005.

I promise that I will eventually come up with a solution as to how to combine the first two, and later, lists of MAs and PhDs in one central location for future reference.

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