28 March 2010

16th Annual Air Force Historical Workshop

The 16th Annual Air Force Historical Workshop will be held in Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue (Montreal), Quebec on 1-2 June 2010. Titled "De-Icing Required! The Historical Dimension of the Canadian Air Force's Experience in the Arctic", presenters include:

Dr Sandy Babcock, Centre for Operational Research and Analysis, "Operation CANON: A Case Study of Early Royal Canadian Air Force Arctic Search and Rescue Capabilities";

Colonel (ret'd) Ernest Cable, Shearwater Aviation Museum, "The Air Force: A Leader in Canada's Arctic";

Dr Richard Goette, Queen's University, "Building RCAF Arctic 'Air Mindedness'";

Rachel Heide, Directorate Future Security Analysis, "Frigid Ambitions: The Venture of the Alert Wireless Station and Lessons Learned for the Canada First Defence Strategy";

Daniel Heidt, University of Western Ontario, (with Dr P. Whitney Lackenbauer), "Sovereignty for Hire: Civilian Contractors and the Distant Early Warning Line";

Peter Kikkert, University of Western Ontario, "Creating a Role: The Air Force in the Arctic, 1945-1953";

Dr P Whitney Lackenbauer, St. Jerome's University, "At the Crossroads of Militarism and Modernization: Inuit-Air Force Relations in the Cold War Arctic"; and

Major Ray Stouffer, The Royal Military College of Canada, "A Joint Solution to a Strategic Threat: The RCAF and the Mobile Striking Force, 1948-1955".

For further information contact Major Bill March at william.march@forces.gc.ca or at 613-392-2811 ext 4656.

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