05 March 2010

Program for the Society for Military History Conference

The Society for Military History's 77th Annual Meeting, scheduled for 20-23 May 2010, will be held at the Marshall Hall, Center for Leadership and Ethics, Virginia Military Institute, Lexington, Virginia. The schedule for the conference has been issued and contains the following scheduled presentations of direct relevance to students of Canadian military history (and well as oodles of other items of great interest):

Peter Archambault, "Tradition and Pragmatism: Anglo-Canadian Defense Relations after the Second World War";

Tim Cook, "'Goodbyeeeee and Fuck You!': Masculinity, Identity, and Swearing among Canada's Great War Soldiers";

Alexander W.G. Herd, "Preparing to Fight the Bear: The Canadian Army at the Nexus of the North Atlantic Triangle"; and

Michael Whitby, "Doin' the Biz: Anti-SSBN Patrols by Canadian Submarines, 1983-87".

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