16 March 2010

Article about The Memory Project

The Time Colonist has run an article by Sandra McCulloch entitled "Memory project ensures war stories make history" on the Historica-Dominion Institute's The Memory Project. She writes this is an "innovative project [that] hopes to capture and preserve the war-time memories of the remaining 160,000 [Second World War] veterans for the benefit of generations that follow." The project, she continues, "has preserved the memories of 116 veterans so far through recorded interviews and digitized memorabilia, accessible online..." At this point 800 interviews have been completed, including that of Second World War and Korean War naval veteran Peter Fane pictured here (photo credit to Darren Stone, Times Colonist). McCulloch writes: "The interviews are edited, fact-checked, transcribed and translated. The goal is to capture online the memories of 1,000 veterans before funding runs out in March 2011."

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