03 November 2006

Latest issue of the Canadian Historial Review

The latest issue of the Canadian Historical Review (volume 87, number 3, September 2006) contains an article from Timothy Balzer, a doctoral candidate at the University of Victoria, called "'In Case the Raid is Unsuccessful...': Selling Dieppe to Canadians". The journal also has its usual list of "Recent Publications Relating to Canada" which lists several items of Canadian military history interest. One of those is an article by Linda J. Quiney, PhD, a professional historian based in British Columbia, in the online journal History of Intellectual Culture (volume 5, number 1, 2005) titled "'Bravely and Loyally They Answered the Call': St. John Ambulance, the Red Cross, and the Patriotic Service of Canadian Women During the Great War". The recent publications list also provides references to numerous master's theses and doctoral dissertations in Canadian military history, ranging in completion from 2003 to 2005. I don't want to type these references out into this blog, but would like to be able to present this information in some format. I'm considering adding a sidebar on my blog site listing MA's and PhD's from, say 2000, onward, that I can gather references (and abstracts) for. This would probably be a link to a page on my personal website (www.kenreynolds.ca), where I could set up a page for the information. I know some of this information is available on the Library and Archives website and other locations. If any reader has comments or a preference on this, please let me know.

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