08 November 2006

Changes to my blog

Those of you who've visited The Cannon's Mouth / Par la Bouche de nos Canons before have probably noticed the change in appearance of the blog. Not only did I change the template (appearance) of the blog - hopefully making it more readable - but I have also added some additional items. Note that at the bottom of each post there is an icon letting readers comment on any individual post - feedback is great if I'm ever going to know what you readers would like to see on the site. There are also "labels", tags of a generic nature I've given to each post. This feeds into an index of sorts, which appears on the right "sidebar" of the blog, linking the reader from any one "label" title to all the posts which dealt with that topic.

On the right sidebar, at the top, you'll find an "about me" section with a picture of me and my daughter, a brief blurb, and a link to a more extensive profile incorporating several categories and providing a link to my personal website (www.kenreynolds.ca). Below that is "Subscribe to this blog by e-mail" - essentially, there are three ways to read this blog on a regular basis: (1) by visiting the blog site on the internet at one of the three gateway addresses (cmhistorians.blogspot.com; www.cannonsmouth.ca; or www.bouchedenoscanons.ca); (2) by using an RSS reader in your web browser (Google Reader, Netvibes, etc., etc.); or (3) by entering your e-mail address into the "subscribe to this blog by e-mail" link (it sends a verification message which, when responded to, automatically begins sending each post I place on the blog to you as an e-mail message. Below that is a photograph (art for art's sake) of my daughter and the camp flag of The Cameron Highlanders of Ottawa during a regimental open house. I'm the regiment's museum curator and current regimental historian and I think she's already decided to join up when she get's old enough (in fifteen years or so). Below the blog archives is the list of labels I mentioned. Then follows my blogroll, a list of other blogs which I frequent (I need to add several more historical and technological titles) and links to some interesting websites (ditto). Then follows an idea I "borrowed" from someone else's blog (I forget who now), listing the last ten books I've read (just for pure interest sake). Then we have advertising, some search engines, etc. (running this blog is cheap - Blogger is free, the domain names are not - but some income would help). Along the bottom I have a "links to this site" section and a visitor counter.

You may be wondering, with reference to an earlier message, when can you expect more en fran├žais, from Michel Litalien. Michel's still helping with the blog for the francophone military history community, but it turned out to be easier logistically for me to post his material (I'll always note it came from him) and retain the blog as my own little fiefdom.

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