24 November 2006

New book by Jeffrey Keshen and Serge Durflinger

Jeffrey Keshen and Serge Durflinger, two Canadian military historians at the University of Ottawa, have published a textbook for war and society courses entitled War and Canadian Society through Thomson Nelson publishers. As the publisher's blurb puts it, the book "seeks to sensitize readers to selected topics in Canadian military and social-military history and to familiarize them with some important and often emotive writing about the effects of war on Canada in the post-Confederation era. The readings, drawn from the recent and not-so-recent historiography, are grouped around themes, or modules, which convey some measure of war's often transformative effect on Canada and Canadians." The themes or modules covered include "The Northwest Campaign", "Manliness, Militarism, and Imperialism", "Managing the Truth: Home and Front in the First World War", "Remembering Vimy", "The Second World War: Community, Family, and Youth in Montreal"; "A Nation Transformed", "The Air War: Canadian Participation in Bomber Command"; "Becoming Seasoned Soldiers - Canada's Campaign in Normandy", "Veterans of the World Wars", "Canada during the Cold War", "Aid to the Civil Power: The October Crisis and Oka October Crisis"; and "Peacemaking and Stability Operations: Somalia and the Balkans".

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