10 November 2006

Dominion Institute poll on our knowledge of Canadian military history

I've yet to delve into the media's coverage of Canadian military history, but this story is different. CTV.ca reported today on a survey carried out by the Dominion Institute on our "collective knowledge of Canadian military history", only to find that it was "eroding". According to the report, the survey "found that only 42 per cent of Canadians received a passing grade on a simple test of First World War knowledge." Not only were the results of the survey pitiful (my opinion, not theirs), the institute fears for the future of Remembrance Day at this rate.

I doubt this blog does particularly much to educate the public on Canadian military history - nor is it really intended to. But, as a member of the Canadian military history online community, I feel the need to do more. And this is not just something that I resolved to do after reading the CTV story. I made one small step for my part yesterday when I initiated a second blog - Soldiers of the 38th - where I intend to present biographical information that I have gathered (and will, hopefully, continue to gather) on the officers and men of the 38th Battalion, Canadian Expeditionary Force, during the First World War. Hopefully this will bloom into a place where visitors can read about some of our past warriors, their accomplishments, and sacrifices.

What other ideas do any of you have? How do we bring Canadian military history to the "masses" by using the technology now at our fingertips?

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