10 January 2008

The Canada at War Books List

Recently, while doing a search for a particular new publication I'd heard about, I came across CanadaAtWar.com: A Books List, a website listing many, many, many publications in Canadian military history. Don (no last name provided), notes on the site that he started it after he "became frustrated with trying to locate books about Canada's military history using keyword searches on the online book sellers. By using key word, isbn, title, author searches and relying heavily on The Canadian Military Experience, 1867-1995: A Bibliography, this list has been created. I hope this site helps others to locate the books they want."

The site is divided into two major parts: the first providing an overall "Booklogue" for the years 1993 to present, each containing all listed titles published in that particular year. The second part divides the booklists into pre-First World War, First World War, Second World War, and post-Second World War categories for easy viewing.

Don explicitly asks visitors to his site to let him know if books listed are no longer available for purchase, to let him know of new titles and where they can be purchased, and to tell others about the site. He closes his "about" page with: "I realize that this site isn't a 'high tech' site, but I do hope it is useful." The Canada at Wars Book List is extremely useful, and proof that substance is still more important than glamour.

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