14 January 2008

Latest Issue of Legion Magazine

The January/February 2008 issue of Legion Magazine has been published, and contains the following items of specific interest to Canadian military history:

Sharon Adams, "Shaped by Sacrifice";

David J. Bercuson, "Regimental Traditions in Times of War";

John Boileau, "Battle Honours of the Canadian Forces", Part 1: "War of 1812";

Terry Copp, "Advancing on the Hitler Line";

Adam Day, "The Circle of Remembrance";

Adam Day, "Operation Medusa: The Battle for Panjwai", Part 3: "The Fall of Objective Rugby";

Hugh A. Halliday, "Canadians Against the Bolsheviks";

Tom MacGregor, "Maintaining the Silent 'Cities of Stone'";

Marc Milner, "The Threat Becomes Real";

Master Corporal Matthew Parsons, "The Battle of Panjwai: A Soldier's Story: Ambush at the White School";

as well as a handful of book reviews by J.L. Granatstein.

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