29 January 2008

Nomination for a Canadian Blog Award - Part 2

Just a reminder - the deadline for voting in the 2007 Canadian Blog Awards is Wed, 30 Jan, at 11.59 p.m. PST. Please consider voting for The Cannon's Mouth.

So, to follow on from my post last week about the 2007 Canadian Blog Awards - The Cannon's Mouth was nominated in the category "Best Military Blog". The first round of voting finished today, and The Cannon's Mouth is still in the running, one of the remaining five in the military category. Round 2 - the final round - means renewed voting for your favourite military blog, and I hope it's The Cannon's Mouth. If you want to vote for this blog, please visit the 2007 CBA site - the voting page is here. Voting begins tomorrow. Thanks again in advance for your vote if you think this blog is worthy.

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