10 January 2008

Historical Papers at the Canadian Forces Leadership Institute

The Canadian Forces Leadership Institute, part of the Canadian Defence Academy of the Department of National Defence, was created in 2001 "as the Centre of Excellence for leadership research and concept development in the CF. The purpose of the CFLI is to disseminate core concepts of leadership and the Profession of Arms to the CF." Among its many activities, the CFLI has issued many Research Papers, some of which are specific to subjects of Canadian military history, including:

H. Coombs, "Dimensions of Military Leadership: The Kinmel Park Mutiny of March 4/5, 1919 (2003) [direct PDF link];

H. Coombs, "The Search for Certainty: Sackets Harbour, May 28/29, 1813" (2003) [direct PDF link];

A. English, "Professionalism and the Military: Past, Present, and Future: A Canadian Perspective" (2002) [direct PDF link];

R. Goette, "Squadron Leader N.E. 'Molly' Small, RCAF, DFC, AFC: A Study of Leadership Successes and Failures in the RCAF's Eastern Command, 1942" (2003) [direct PDF link];

C. Mantle, "The 'Moral Economy' as a Theoretical Model to Explain Acts of Protest in the Canadian Expeditionary Force, 1914-1919" (2004) [direct PDF link];

C. Mantle, "For Bully and Biscuits: Charges of Mutiny in the 43rd Battalion, Canadian Expeditionary Force, November and December 1917" (2004) [direct PDF link];

C. Mantle, "Polished Leathers and Gleaming Steel: Charges of Mutiny in the Canadian Army Service Corps at Bramshott Camp, England, November 1917" (2004) [direct PDF link];

R.O. Mayne, "Keeping up with the Jones's: Admiralship, Culture, and Careerism in the Royal Canadian Navy, 1911-1946" (2002) [direct PDF link]; and

K. Wenek, "Looking Back: Canadian Forces Leadership Problems and Challenges" (2002) [direct PDF link].

Undoubtedly, many of the other research papers on this site also touch on issues of specific interest to Canadian military history.

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