21 January 2008

Lectures at The Military Museums (in Calgary)

Calgary's The Military Museums continues its series of lectures in the early months of 2008 including (each talk begins at 7.30 p.m., preceded by a cocktail reception one hour earlier):

Stephane Guevremont, "Shipbusters" [404 Squadron, RCAF], 21 February 2008;

Christine Leppard, "Task Forces and Tactical Innovations: Re-thinking the Liri Valley Campaign, Italy 1944", 20 March 2008;

Alison Mercer, "Evaluating the Soldier's General: An Analytical and Comparative Study of Bert Hoffmeister's Command Approach", 27 March 2008;

Norman Leach, "The Making of Passchendaele" [the movie], 3 April 2008; and

Russell Benneweis, "Training of the Canadian Army", 17 April 2008.

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