18 January 2008

Military History Grad Students at the University of Western Ontario

Recently, I followed up a link on an individual only to find myself on a webpage listing the PhD students attending the University of Western Ontario. I found this interesting, because it provides the names and subject areas of a few Canadian military historians you might not be familiar with. I never thought of posting about this subject before, but I might try to see if I can find similar lists at other Canadian universities. The names and projects I found were:

Trista Grant, "Policy, Training and Performance: Canada's Peacekeepers from Suez to Sarajevo" (supervisor Jonathan Vance);

Wesley C. Gustavson, "The Whole Earth is their Sepulchre: History, Memory and the Imperial War Graves Commission" (Vance);

Richard Holt, "Filling the Ranks: Training and Reinforcements within the Canadian Expeditionary Force, 1914-1918" (Vance);

Teresa Iacobelli, "'Arbitrary Justice?': Executed and Commuted Death Sentences of the First World War" (Vance); and

Heather Moran, "Stretcher Bearers and Surgeons: Canadian Front-Line Medicine in the First World War" (Vance).

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claude leblanc said...

Is there a central repository of ongoing Canadian PhD thesis in military history?