06 July 2008

Index of The Canadian Historical Review part 5

A continuing look at the back issues of The Canadian Historical Review from vol.41, no.1 (1960) onward reveals a lot of content of interest to readers of Canadian military history, including:

Vol.42, No.2 (1961):

Guy MacLean, "The Georgian Affair: An Incident of the American Civil War", pp.133-144;

Vol.43, No.2 (1962):

J. Mackay Hitsman, "Winter Troop Movement to Canada, 1862", pp.127-135;

Vol.45, No.4 (1964):

Fernand Ouellet, "Le Nationalisme canadien-français: De des origines à l'insurrection de 1837", pp.277-292;

Vol.46, No.2 (1965):

Jacm M. Sosin, "The Use of Indians in the War of the American Revolution: A Re-Assessment of Responsibility", pp.101-121;

Vol.46, No.3 (1965):

John K. Mahon, "British Command Decisions in the Northern Campaigns of the War of 1812", pp.219-237;

Vol.47, No.1 (1966):

W.A.B. Douglas, "The Sea Militia of Nova Scotia, 1749-1755: A Comment on Naval Policy", pp.22-37;

Vol.47, No.2 (1966):

Martin Robin, "Registration, Conscription, and Independent Labour Politics, 1916-1917", pp.101-118;

Vol.47, No.4 (1966):

C.P. Stacey, "Quebec, 1759: Some New Documents", pp.344-355;

Vol.48, No.1 (1967):

Hereward Senior, "Quebec and the Fenians", pp.26-44;

Vol.49, No.2 (1968):

L.F. Fitzhardinge, "Hughes, Borden, and Dominion Representation at the Paris Peace Conference", pp.160-169;

Vol.49, No.3 (1968):

J.M. Bliss, "The Methodist Church and World War I", pp.213-233;

Vol.49, No.4 (1968):

Samuel F. Wells Jr., "British Strategic Withdrawal from the Western Hemisphere, 1904-1906", pp.335-356;

Vol.50, No.1 (1969):

John F. Roeche, "Quebec Under Siege, 1775-1776: The 'Memorandums' of Jacob Danford", pp.68-85;

Vol.50, No.3 (1969):

Carman Miller, "Sir Frederick William Borden and Military Reform, 1896-1911", pp.265-284; and

A.M.J. Hyatt, "Sir Arthur Currie and Conscription: A Soldier's View", pp.285-296.

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