13 July 2008

New history of The Royal Canadian Regiment

The Kingston Whig-Standard newspaper recently ran a story on a new history of The Royal Canadian Regiment. Colonel Bernd Horn (not Horne as in the newspaper story) has written Establishing a Legacy: The History of the Royal Canadian Regiment, 1883-1953, published by Dundurn Press. Colonel Horn, deputy commander of Canadian Forces Special Operations Forces Command, an adjunct professor at The Royal Military College of Canada, and prolific author. The intention of this book is reportedly not to produce a dry, regimental history, but, in the author's words:

"From the start, this was going to be a soldier's history. The generals are important, but I didn't want to write another top-down book that is given away as a gift at regimental functions but never actually read. I wanted to write something that a soldier of today could pick up and be interested in." He also writes: "The history of a regiment is really the story of its members - their trials, challenges, disappointments and achievements. [...] For these reasons, when recounting the history of a regiment, it is necessary to tell the stories of its members."

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