16 July 2008

Index of The Canadian Historical Review part 6

A continuing look at the back issues of The Canadian Historical Review from vol.51, no.1 (1970) onward reveals a lot of content of interest to readers of Canadian military history, including:

Vol.51, No.1 (1970):

C.P. Stacey, "The Life and Hard Times of an Official Historian", pp.21-47;

Vol.51, No.4 (1970):

Desmond Morton, "Aid to the Civil Power: The Canadian Militia in Support of Social Order, 1867-1914", pp.407-425;

Vol.52, No.1 (1971):

W.J. Eccles, "The Social, Economic, and Political Significance of the Military Establishment in New France", pp.1-22;

Vol.52, No.3 (1971):

Bruce G. Trigger, "The Mohawk-Mohican War (1624-28): The Establishment of a Pattern", pp.276-286;

Vol.52, No.4 (1971):

George K. Raudzens, "A Successful Military Settlement: Earl Grey's Enrolled Pensioners of 1846 in Canada", pp.389-403;

Vol.53, No.2 (1972):

Malcolm MacLeod, "Fortress Ontario or Forlorn Hope?: Simcoe and the Defence of Upper Canada", pp.149-178;

Vol.53, No.3 (1972):

W.R. Young, "Conscription, Rural Depopulation, and the Farmers of Ontario, 1917-19", pp.289-320;

Vol.54, No.3 (1973):

George K. Raudzens, "The Military Impact on Canadian Canals, 1815-25", pp.273-286;

Vol.55, No.1 (1974):

Desmond Morton, "Sir William Otter and Internment Operations in Canada during the First World War", pp.32-58;

J.L. Granatstein and R.D. Cuff, "The Hyde Park Declaration 1941: Origins and Significance", pp.59-80;

Vol.55, No.2 (1974):

R. Arthur Bowler, "Sir Guy Carleton and the Campaign of 1776 in Canada", pp.131-140;

Vol.55, No.4 (1974):

Carman Miller, "English-Canadian Opposition to the South African War as seen through the Press", pp.422-438;

Vol.57, No.1 (1976):

Elinor Senior, "The Provincial Cavalry in Lower Canada, 1837-50", pp.1-24;

Vol.57, No.2 (1976):

Fritz Pannekoek, "The Rev. Griffiths Owen Corbett and the Red River Civil War of 1869-70", pp.133-149;

Vol.57, No.3 (1976):

W. Peter Ward, "British Columbia and the Japanese Evacuation", pp.289-308;

Vol.59, No.3 (1978):

Patricia E. Roy, "The Soldiers Canada didn't want: Her Chinese and Japanese Citizens", pp.341-358; and

Vol.60, No.1 (1979):

R. Craig Brown and Desmond Morton, "The Embarrassing Apotheosis of a 'Great Canadian': Sir Arthur Currie's Personal Crisis in 1917", pp.41-63.

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