23 July 2008

Latest two issues of Canadian Military History

The Spring 2008 issue (vol. 17, no. 2) of Canadian Military History is out and contains lots of material of interest to students of Canadian military history. In preparing this post I also realized that I forgot to write about the previous issue for Winter 2008 (vol.17, no.1). Sorry about that. Here we go:

Winter 2008

Geoff Jackson, "'Anything but Lovely': The Canadian Corps at Lens in the summer of 1917", pp.5-20;

Andrew B. Godefroy, "Canadian Soldiers in West African Conflicts, 1885-1905", pp.21-36;

Paul Dickson, "Harry Crerar and an Army for Strategic Effect", pp.37-48;

Gareth A. Newfield, "Medical Care of American POWs during the War of 1812", pp.49-62;

Sean M. Maloney, "Incursion at Howz-e Madad: An Afghanistan Vignette", pp.63-78; and

Ken Reynolds, "'War Diaries of the First World War' at Library and Archives Canada", pp.79-80.

Spring 2008

Andrew B. Godefroy, "A Force of Reason: Canada, Central America, and the Grupo de Observadores de la Naciones Unidas para Centro America (ONUCA), 1983-1992", pp.5-20;

Nic Clarke, "'He was my best subaltern': The life and death of Lieutenant Herrick S. Duggan, 70th Field Company, Royal Engineers", pp.21-32;

J. Brent Wilson, "Military Aid to the Civil Authority in mid-19th Century New Brunswick", pp.33-50;

Mark Osborne Humphries (ed.), "Sir Arthur Currie and the Legacy of the Great War: Letters from the Archives of the Canadian War Museum", pp.51-60;

Laura Brandon and Jeff Noakes, "Evan Macdonald: Camouflage Artist", pp.61-65;

David Patterson, "Outside the Box: A New Perspective on Operation Windsor - The rationale behind the attack on Carpiquet, 4 July 1944", pp.66-74;

Jonathan F. Vance, "Provincial Patterns of Enlistment in the Canadian Expeditionary Force", pp.75-78; and

Ken Reynolds, "The 'Canadian Virtual War Memorial' at Veterans Affairs Canada", pp.79-80.

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