27 January 2010

5th Windsor Military Studies Conference

I've received a release concerning the 5th Windsor Military Studies Conference, which will take place at the Major F.A. Tilston VC Armoury, 4007 Sandwich Street, Windsor, Ontario, on 5-6 February 2010. Papers scheduled to be presented include:

Captain (N) Serge C. Bertrand, "Naval Operations in the 21st Century";

Terry Copp, "In the Forests of the Night: The Essex Scottish in the Rhineland, February 1945";

Michelle Fowler, "Remembering the Wrens: The Diary of Marion Swinton, WRCNS";

Peter Kikkert, "Flying the Flag and Sharing Whiskey: The Role of the Canadian Navy in the Arctic, 1945-2010";

Sean Maloney, "The Mechs: Operation Timus Preem, Zhari District, Afghanistan, August 2008"; and

Roger Sarty, "A Uniquely Canadian Battle: The RCN and the RCAF's Defeat of the U-Boat Offensive in the St. Lawrence, 1942-4".

To pre-register, please contact hrgmail@uwindsor.ca or call 519-253-3000 ext 3506.

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