07 January 2010

Presentation on Canadians in the British Army

Major Andrew Godefroy, PhD, currently a visiting research fellow, the The University of Oxford's Programme on the Changing Character of War, will be making a presentation (Military History seminar) on Wednesday, 27 January 2010 titled "Canadians on Campaign: Officer Recruitment, Command, and Legacy in the Victorian British Army". The press release notes:
This lecture challenges traditional assessments of the evolution of professionalism within Canada's army during the nineteenth century through an examination of the War Office's deliberate recruitment of Canadian officers into the British Army during the late Victorian era. Specifically, it examines the recruitment, command appointments, and most important, the intellectual and institutional legacy created by these officers that had as much an impact on the future of the British Army as it did on the Canadian Army. Finally, through specific case studies, the issues of nationalism, ways of warfare, and schools of strategic and tactical thought will also be addressed.
The challenge? It's at the University of Oxford (1715 hours, Wharton Room, All Souls College). But, if you can make it, I'd sure it'd be well worth the effort.

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