21 January 2010

"The Past is Not Yet Written" Conference

The History and Classics Graduate Students Association, University of Alberta, is hosting a conference entitled "The Past is Not Yet Written: Innovative Approaches and New Ideas in Historical Research" on 5-6 March 2010 at the U of A. Originally, the conference's focus was to have been restricted to "the application of quantitative methods", but has since been expanded to "innovative approaches and new ideas in historical research", i.e. they are "seeking papers from a broad spectrum addressing different approaches to historical research from all time periods and geographical regions. Papers may address any subject matter as it is the method of approach that is of importance, not the specific subject matter." This call for papers goes until 31 January 2010 and proposals should be submitted to conference.hcgsa@gmail.com. For further information, contact Ian Thompson or Rylan Kafara at the same e-mail address.

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