05 January 2010

Latest issue of The Canadian Army Journal

The latest issue of The Canadian Army Journal (volume 12, no.2, Summer 2009) has been published and is available online. As usual, this issue contains some material of direct interest to readers of Canadian military history (as well as lots of other items worthy of reading), including:

Chris Graham, "The Legacy of Major-General James Wolfe: Battlefield Leadership and the Defeat of the French Empire in North America";

Sergeant Kurt Grant, "Biography - Lieutenant Herbert Wesley McBride, MM";

Lawren Phillips Harris, "The Art of War - Major-General J.H. Roberts, CB, DSO, MC, CD (1891-1962)";

as well as several book reviews of note.

I'd also like to congratulate Sergeant Kurt Grant, former colleague at the Directorate of History and Heritage, for his appointment to the journal's staff.

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