03 January 2010

Index of Manitoba History

Among the many good works the folks at The Manitoba Historical Society are busy performing in support of the historical is the publishing of the journal Manitoba History. This journal recently saw the publication of its 62nd number (for Winter 2009). In fact, the tables of contents for the entire series (from No.1 in 1981), as well as many of the earlier articles within, are online at the society's website. A review of these issues for articles on Canadian military history has revealed the following:

anonymous, "National Commemoration for Hangar No.1 of the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan, Brandon, Manitoba", No.51 (February 2006);

Marilyn Baker, "Remembrances of the Great War: The Next-of-Kin Monument in Winnipeg", No.2 (1981);

Michael Bumsted, "From the Red to the Nile: William Nassau Kennedy and the Manitoba Contingent of Voyageurs in the Gordon Relief Expedition, 1884-1885", No.42 (Autumn/Winter 2001-2002);

George Buri, "'Enemies Within Our Gates': Brandon's Alien Detention Centre during the Great War", No.56 (October 2007);

Sarah Carter, "'An Infamous Proposal': Prairie Indian Reserve Land and Soldier Settlement after World War I", No.37 (Spring/Summer 1999);

Ken Coates, "Western Manitoba and the 1885 Rebellion", No.20 (1990);

Robert Coutts, "An Interview with World War I Veteran, Evan Wales Morgan", No.33 (Spring 1997);

Jack Dunn, "The Biggest Day Winnipeg Has Ever Seen: The Northwest Field Force Returns from the Front", No.43 (Spring/Summer 2002);

Gordon Fulton, "Roads of Remembrance", No.31 (Spring 1996);

Phillip R. Giffin, "A Family Memoir: The Men of #2 Company, Princess Patricia [sic] Canadian Light Infantry, 1915", No.53 (October 2006);

Uduak Idiong, "The Third Force: Returned Soldiers in the Winnipeg General Strike of 1919", No.34 (Autumn 1997);

Larry Laliberte, "The 1870 Wolseley Expedition Route", No.52 (June 2006);

Graham MacDonald, "Rachmaninoff in Winnipeg: The Band of the Princess Patricia's Regiment Meets a Russian Master", No.40 (Autumn/Winter 2000-2001);

John Selwood, "A Note on the Destruction of Upper Fort Garry", No.4 (1982);

Jim Suderman, "The Number One Armored Train", No.19 (1990);

Ruth Swan, "'Unequal Justice': The Metis in O'Donoghue's Raid of 1871", No.39 (Spring/Summer 2000); and

Bill Waiser, "Riding Mountain POWs: The Teacher's Tale", No.61 (Fall 2009).

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