25 January 2010

Latest issue of Canadian Military Journal

The volume 10, number 1 (2009) issue of the Canadian Military Journal is now available online. This issue contains the following items of particular interest to readers of Canadian military history, including:

Larry Aitken, "'First we hold our noses, then we seek justice': The Application of the Soft Approach in the Chapter VII Operations Conducted in the Democratic Republic of the Congo";

John R. Grodzinski, "The Use and Abuse of Battle: Vimy Ridge and the Great War over the History of the First World War";

Craig Leslie Mantle and Lieutenant-Colonel Larry Zaporzan, "The Leadershio of S.V. Radley-Walters: The Normandy Campaign Part Two"; and

Matthew Trudgen, "Do we want 'Buckets of Instant Sunshine'?: Canada and Nuclear Weapons 1945-1984";

as well as several book reviews of interest.

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